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Order Your Brain Attack Pin

brainattackpin copy.png

This symbol of a lighting bolt represents the quick onset of stroke symptoms.

The Board of Directors of the Kentucky and S. Indiana Stroke Association has designed a pin that we are  producing to represent stroke (brain attack). The lightning bolt pin is being designed as a conversation piece. We want to get people talking about stroke! Why it is an emergency, how rapid treatment can greatly help to preserve brain cells, and how stroke causes death and disability in a large number of the population. 

Once people ask about the lightning bolt, our supporters can explain that it represents stroke, and get the conversation started. Our organization feels strongly that this pin will be greatly received and supported in our community. We are now PRE-SELLING these pins.  If you would like to pre-order your “Brain Attack Pin” you can purchase it now for $20, and ONLY WITH THIS FORM if you order five pins for $100, you will receive a sixth pin FREE! 

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