The weekend went by and each day made it harder for me to breathe. I knew something was wrong with my father but I was not sure what to do about it. He would sleep for long hours and barely ate. He was not as talkative anymore and at times he seemed to be gazing off to another place, possibly Texas. The weekend was over and that Monday morning I had to head back to school for class. I made him a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal and he looked up and smiled and said, “This is really good baby," with a crooked smile.  

When I was helping him move I noticed he was more short of breath than he should have been and was worried with his cardiac history.  I am a LPN and work on a Medical Surgical floor.  I usually can recognize cardiac problems.  Mike said after everything we had been through trying to get together he was not going to his cardiologist in South Carolina but would go after we got settled in Kentucky.  This was the beginning of the hardest part of our story.

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