The Kentucky and Southern IN Stroke Association is making a commitment to fulfill our promise to honor those who so bravely fought to come back after suffering from a Stroke. Through vibrant color, Stroke Survivor or Caregiver Honoree Balloons represent the diverse members of our community whose lives have been forever impacted by a Stroke. Each year at the Strides for Stroke Walk the web based honorees and memorials comes to life. Walkers, Rollers, Strollers and Runners alike get a first hand look at what they are raising support for while making strides in stroke awareness with every foot of ground they cover. 


SHANE RUSSELL, 45, of Jeffersonville, Indiana in March 2014 suffered a Stroke. His life was forever changed after that day. In the year following his recover Shane was able to regain much of his independence and started a new career that he is enjoying. That isn't to say that his struggles with the side effects he carries with him from his stroke are not real. This Honoree Balloon was given to Shane as a reminder of how far he has come since his Stroke and the continuous focus he needs to keep on his health to work to keep it his last. Expressions of encouragement can be made to the Kentucky and Southern IN Stroke Association.



How do I get a Stroke Survivor Honoree Balloon ?
There are three ways to get a Stroke Survivor Honoree Balloons. You can click the link below to make a donation in honor of someone who suffered a stroke during their life. You may also choose to pay by credit card by calling our office during regular business hours or by printing the form below and mailing it in with a check. 






  • Platinum represents someone who lit a spark in the lives of all those they touched but whose flame was dimmed by a Stroke. This platinum and diamond encrusted Honoree Balloon is lighting up the screens of those who visit the Kentucky and Southern IN Stroke Association website to learn more about how Strokes impact our community and people just like your loved one. The Stroke your loved one suffered has not been able to put out their flame. Just as they did for so many years before their sparking light in the world but now in spreading Stroke Prevention and Awareness throughout Kentucky and Southern IN. $50.00




  • Gold marks the magnificent recovery of a loved one whose life was so deeply impacted by a Stroke. May their fight to regain their independence treated to be taken away by this prevailing killer be honored. Their effort was Gold level and they deserve a warm glow of honor as the donation made to purchase them this Gold Level Honoree Balloon warms the hearts and minds in our community about Stroke Prevention and Recovery. $25.00
  • Silver is to honor those who has suffered a mild Stroke or T.I.A and used that warning call as a reason to change their life style for the better. Maybe you want to honor someone who hasn't had a stroke but is at risk. Use this silver honoree balloon as a way to promote change in someone by having their name featured online. Maybe all they need is a bit of encouragement to stop smoking, exercise more or make healthier lifestyle choices. Your donation of a Silver Honoree Balloon can be just the push they were waiting for.  $15.00

Have you decided to buy a Digital Honoree Balloon on behalf of your loved one?     
Here is how you can honor their struggle and the impact that their Stroke had on both them and their loved ones. 
Stroke Honoree Digital Balloon
In Honor of: First Last Name
City,State&Age Stroke Occured

Buy your Digital Honoree Balloon by mail simply by printing this form and...
Buy your Digital Honoree Balloon with your credit card over the phone by Calling (502) 499-5757. 


The James Luttrell Memorial Horse Show 

The James Luttrell Memorial Horse Show had their 2 Annual Fundraiser to support the Kentucky and Southern Indiana Stroke Association spread awareness about Stroke Prevention and need for FAST medical attention. 

In honor of James Luttrell and his step father, from Somerset KY, who passed away in 2013 from a Stroke. 



The Kentucky and S. Indiana Stroke Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible. Our EIN#61-1335267

We appreciate item donations for our annual Valentine and Tasting Event fundraisers. If you would like to donate an item for our raffle or silent auction please call 502/499-5757 to let us know.

 Your monetary donations are greatly appreciated to help fund stroke education and to provide camp scholarships for survivors to attend Adventure Days Stroke Camp each year. If you are donating in honor/memory of someone please email us at with contact information to notify the family of your gift.

You may mail us your donation check and information to:

Ky and SI Stroke Association.  3425 Stony Spring Circle #102.   Louisville, KY 40220

Special Shout Out to Private Fundraisers done by members of the community to assist with spreading Stroke Awareness in our community