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In Memory of Balloon

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The Kentucky and Southern IN Stroke Association is making a commitment to fulfill our promise to remember and honor those who so bravely fought to come back after suffering from a Stroke. Through vibrant color, Winged Memorials represent the diverse members of our community whose lives have been forever changed by a Stroke. Each year at the Strides for Stroke Walk the web based memorial comes to life. Walkers, Rollers, Strollers and Runners alike get a first hand look at what they are raising support for while making strides in stroke awareness with every foot of ground they cover. 

How do I get a Winged Memorial?
There are three ways to get a Winged Memorial Memento. You can click the link below to make a donation in Memory of someone who suffered a stroke during their life and has since passed away. You may also choose to pay by credit card by calling our office during regular business hours or by printing the form below and mailing it in with a check. 

  • Platinum represents someone who light a spark in the lives of all those they touched and whose flame was blocked out by a Stroke. This platinum and diamond encrusted memorial is lighting up the screens of those who visit the Kentucky and Southern IN Stroke Association website to learn more about how Strokes impact our community and people just like your loved one just as they did for so many years before. $50.00
  • Gold marks the magnificent memory of a loved one whose life was so deeply impacted by a Stroke.  $25.00
  • Silver is to memorialize someone by having their name featured online.  $15.00